Advices for adopting a reborn baby

Advices for adopting a reborn baby

How to adopt a reborn baby (and not being scammed)

On Christmas time, the scams are more and more in the reborn babies world, which does that many of our clients have doubts at the time of buying a reborn baby online.

In order to help you, we have decided to post this short article with advices to take into account.

  • The first thing you have to know is "what are you looking for". Be informed, ask, look for information.. there are different types of reborn, materials, finishes...

At I want a reborn baby, we make silicone babies on ecoFlex, we make them and we also buy sculptures to foreign or spanish sculptors. We always make sure that they are done with the best materials and with the best quality, trustable and good, but bear in mind that you will have to take care of the baby reading the article you can find here.

Prices on silicone babies are ALWAYS higher than vynil babies. We can assure that is not possible to find a silicone baby for less than 500€. If  it is the case, it is really possible that it is a scam.

We also have reborn vinyl babies, painted with genesis paints, with natural hair (same as on silicone). Their prices could be around 300€, but if it is so much more cheaper, you should have doubts. On this material reborn babies, there are more competitiveness and prices could be more reduced, but always take attention of what you are buying.

Once you have decided what type of reborn baby you are looking for, it is time to decide TO WHOM you can buy it or order it.

Social media is the more efficient way of knowing the work and the way of working of an artist. Visit her website, her facebook and facebook page, or even her youtube channel. With all of that, you can see how she works and if she has clients. 

If you have found a baby on an advertisement, you should always ask for references, facebook, website... if she hasn't, ask for more pictures or videos in the way you want. If she refuses.. suspect.

I case she has facebook but not a lot of photos and clients or followers, try to ask people and if you have doubts, try to see it on person.

It is a good opportunity for some people to make money trying to impersonate identities of other artists. You should always make sure of what you are buying and to whom, if the price or the artist make you have some doubts... make sure of your decission before buying.

That's how you could be sure of having happy Christmas with your new reborn baby!!

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